Project "Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Public Councils in Kyrgyzstan"

The Human Rights Advisory Board (hereinafter - HRAB) has been operating in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2005.

The HRAB was established with the purpose of promoting of constructive dialogue and raising awareness of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic about human rights. The HRAB’s work is based on monitoring, analysis and dissemination of the objective, reliable information on Human Rights related issues. The main strategic goal of the HRAB is facilitation of partnerships between the civil society and the government, promotion of development and observance of Human Rights and rule of law in Kyrgyzstan.

In 2011, the HRAB Regional Human Rights Representative Office began its work in the southern region of the Kyrgyz Republic (Osh city). The Representative Office is involved in monitoring of the situation with observance and protection of human rights in the south of the country.

Current projects

  1. «Annually, the HRAB holds the Forum “Interaction between the Government and civil society in the area of implementation of Human Rights in the Kyrgyz Republic” (Implementation of recommendations of the “"Human Rights Yearbook in the Kyrgyz Republic”). The Forum was attended by the representatives of government agencies, who got the recommendations of the authors of the Yearbook, international and non-governmental organizations with the goal of discussing the possibility of their implementation and further monitoring of the most pressing problems».
  2. «Strengthening capacity of Ombudsman Institution of the Kyrgyz Republic» (organization the professional development courses for the staff of Ombudsman Institution, consulting services for the development of the Human Rights annual report Ombudsman of Kyrgyz Republic), 2015-2016.
  3. «Strengthening the coordination between state and civil society in exercising oversight function on human rights and the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan – Organisation and facilitation of thematic dialogue meetings with CSO and government institutions»
  4. «Strengthening the coordination between state and civil society regarding state institutions’ oversight function on Human Rights and the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan– Coordination, production, publication and dissemination of a Human Rights Yearbook».

Human Rights Advisory Board meetings

Members of the HRAB  meet every quarter and discuss the most actual issues and events in the field of Human Rights, make decisions and, in accordance to the,  implement the further targeted activities. On behalf of the HRAB the appeals and statements on current political and social events in the country are disseminated.