Project "Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Public Councils in Kyrgyzstan"

GSI logoThe Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V. (GSI) - GSI European Academy Bonn was founded and started its activities in 1959.

Its history began in 1951 with the foundation of the European Movements’ International Youth Secretariat aiming to encourage European youth to actively take part in the building of a demo-cratic and peaceful continent. National Secretariats in all democratic states of Western Europe were established.

In 1959 the German Secretariat became an independent institute for trans-national training and European co-operation. The new Institute was named after Gustav Stresemann, honouring the achievements of that Peace Nobel Laureate (1926, together with his French colleague Aristide Briand).

The Human Rights Advisory Board (hereinafter - HRAB) has been operating in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2005.

The HRAB was established with the purpose of promoting of constructive dialogue and raising awareness of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic about human rights. The HRAB’s work is based on monitoring, analysis and dissemination of the objective, reliable information on Human Rights related issues. The main strategic goal of the HRAB is facilitation of partnerships between the civil society and the government, promotion of development and observance of Human Rights and rule of law in Kyrgyzstan.