Project "Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Public Councils in Kyrgyzstan"

Project activities in 2018

 Activity / Month 2018
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
10 workshops in Bishkek (representatives of the State bodies and members of Public Councils).                        
Mini-grant propramme (up to 10 projects implemented by NGOs in partnership with Public Councils and media organizations).                        
8 dialogue platforms (between regional Public Councils and Bishkek based Public Councils).                        
Media activities (incl. press conferences, articles in print- and online media, TV/ radio broadcastings, and training for journalists in Bishkek and regions).                        
Follow-up trainings for journalists and small regional public councils by local and international experts.                        
Legal component (special expertise, discussions with stakeholders, advocacy, public hearings and trainings).                        
Closing conference (evaluation, preparation of follow-up activities and reporting to Contracting Authority).