Project "Open Communities – Open Media"

Practical seminars in the regions for media specialists

Region  Date 
Naryn oblast, Naryn city  06.10.2021 
Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city  08.10.2021 

Dialogue platforms in 2021

Region  Date 
Chui oblast, Bishkek city  24.02.2021 
Osh oblast, Osh city  18.03.2021 
Djalal-Abad oblast, Djalal-Abad city  22.04.2021 
Talas oblast, Talas city  27.05.2021 
Naryn oblast, Naryn city   17.06.2021 
Batken oblast, Batken city  08.07.2021 
Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city  29.07.2021 

Trainings for SPC members, activists and media in 2021

Region  Date 
Chui oblast, Bishkek city  25.02.2021
Osh oblast, Osh city  16.03.2021
Djalal-Abad oblast, Djalal-Abad city  20.04.2021
Talas oblast, Talas city  25.05.2021
Naryn oblast, Naryn city   16.06.2021
Batken oblast, Batken city  06.07.2021
Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city  27.07.2021

SPC Meetings and Cascade Trainings in 2021

Region  Small Public Councils (SPC) meetings  Cascade trainings for Small Public Councils (SPC) 
Chui oblast. Don Aryk  05.03.2021  05.03.2021 
Chui oblast. Belovodsk  12.03.2021  12.03.2021 
Osh oblast  15.03.2021  27.03.2021
Djalal-Abad oblast  05.04.2021  April 
Talas oblast  17.05.2021  May 
Batken oblast  07.06.2021  June 
Naryn oblast  21.06.2021  June 
Issyk-Kul oblast  05.07.2021  July 

Schedule of trainings from September to October 2020

Region Date / Title
Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city

01.07.2020 Training for SPCs

02.07.2020 Training for mass media

Talas oblast, Talas city 15.09.2020 Training for SPC members and media
Naryn oblast, Naryn city

18.09.2020 Training for SPCs

19.09.2020 Training for mass media

Djalal-Abad oblast, Djalal-Abad city

22.09.2020 Training for mass media

23.09.2020 Training for SPCs

Chui oblast, Aral village

26.10.2020 Training for mass media

27.10.2020 Training for SPCs

Batken oblast, Batken city 19.11.2020 Training for SPC members and media
Osh oblast, Osh city 20.11.2020 Training for SPC members and media

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