As an institute for political education, the GSI is independent, non- profit and not tied to any one political party. The goal of the institute is clearly reflected in the preamble of its charter: “The people of this age are faced with the task of investing all their energy in the services of procuring peace, social progress and the democratic development of society. The best way forward here is through international collaboration, transnational integration, and – particularly in Europe – cross-border cooperation in as many areas as possible.”
The GSI Project Unit has been established to strengthen and further develop GSI's project work. It concentrates on the application and implementation of development projects worldwide with the priority regions Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Latin America. The projects particularly foster the strengthening of the participation of civil society in political processes, the development of robust democratic structures and the cooperation of public and civil society actors in human right, social and environmental issues. The GSI Project Unit bids for calls and tenders from various international donors and works with project partners in many countries for this purpose.